You Deserve Backup. So Does Your Family.

If anything good comes out of the situation we are in right now; it is the well deserved and long overdue respect for first responders and appreciation for police officers.

I believe that one enduring benefit of this time is that we are looking out for one another, more than we may ever have been. Whether it be our family, friends, neighbors, or people in the community, life can get in the way of checking up on people and finding out what we have to give that might make their life a little bit easier.

You being on the front lines, dealing with the stress of either becoming sick or bringing something home to your family. That is enough to deal with, along with what you face every day on the job. You certainly shouldn’t have to worry about whether someone can legally step in and take care of your medical decisions, if necessary, or sign your name on financial documents and transactions. That need occurs suddenly. Without the required Power of Attorney documents in place, it can be chaos and needless worry and expense.

Virtual Delivery

Here is what I will do for you. If you do not have current Health Care or Financial Power of Attorney documents, I will give them to you for free and will provide the required notary and two witnesses at no cost. And, under the new Illinois rules, we will do it all virtually, while you are safe at home.

Additionally, I will continue to offer you and your family members 50% reduced fees for an entire Living Trust Estate plan, and we can also complete that process virtually from your home.  If you are retired, this 50% offer is available to you and your family members as well. If you have elderly parents, consider their current situation and that you might guide them through this process at home, or in our office.

Of course, working or retired, you are welcome to complete the signing process in our offices, as attorneys are considered essential employees under the current Illinois Stay at Home Order. If the Order is still in place when you are reading this, we will adhere to strict CDC guidelines. For your protection and that of our staff, we will have only three staff members in the office on the day of your appointment.

  • You will be the only client that we see that day.
  • We will follow the safe distance guidelines and provide hand sanitizer when you arrive and as you leave.
  • The conference room where we meet will be sanitized before your arrival, as will all common areas.
  • We will provide a free parking space for you in the lot behind our building.
  • There will be very few people, if any, in the building common areas or elevators during the time of the Stay at Home Order. 

Even after the expiration of the Stay at Home Order, we will take every necessary precaution to ensure your health and safety.  

Here is a quick review of the importance of Living Trusts and Power of Attorney documents:

Health Care Power of Attorney

Your agent will have broad powers to act for you, including the following:

  • Deciding the medical treatment given to you
  • Admitting or discharging you to a hospital, home or another facility
  • Making end-of-life decisions including the disconnection of life support
  • Authorizing an autopsy or donation of your body to medical research and or organ donations
  • Carrying out your final plans and wishes

Financial Power of Attorney

Your agent will have broad powers, including:

  • Buy or sell real estate or other property
  • Access bank accounts, credit cards, and U.S. mail, social media accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Contribute to or withdraw from a retirement plan
  • Deal with any type of insurance or annuity policy
  • Handle tax issues
  • Buy and sell stocks
  • Control safe deposit boxes
  • Hire a lawyer to file or defend lawsuits
  • Borrow money and mortgage property
  • Handle an estate
  • Manage disability, unemployment, Medicaid and military benefits

Living Trusts

At the end of your life, or if you become incapacitated, if you have property or bank accounts in your name, they are at risk of Probate.

  • A Will must be Probated. The rule is no one can legally sign your name. Therefore, at your death or incapacity, all assets in your name are subject to the full probate process, which averages 18 months and is costly.
  • A Living Trust completely avoids Probate.
  • A Living Trust estate plan includes both Health Care and Financial Power of Attorney documents and a Last Will and Testament for guardianship of minor children and to “pour over” any assets still in your name at your death, out of Probate.

Call my office today to lock in your FOP 50% reduced rate for a Living Trust.

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Tom Tuohy is the founder of Tuohy Law Offices and the FOP Benefits Plan. He has been a police lawyer for 37 years. His father was a CPD detective, and his grandfather was CPD Chief of Major Investigations. You can reach Tom at 312-559-8400.