You're a hard worker. You're a loyal employee. You make a good wage to support your daily life. But what about when the unexpected happens and hardship strikes? Perhaps the car breaks down, a medical bill shows up, or the refrigerator stops running. Kashable is there to help you bridge the gap. We offer online, low interest, installment loans to support eligible employees of participating employers.

The average American worker is one unexpected event away from financial hardship:

  • 52% of today's workers have less than $1,000 on hand to pay out-of pocket medical expenses
  • 25% of people avoided needed care tests, treatments, follow-up care, and prescription drugs because they could not afford it
  • 76% of working Americans live paycheck to paycheck
  • 47% would need to borrow from a 401k and/or use a credit card to cover unexpected out-of-pocket expenses

What is the Kashable Solution?

  • Socially Responsible Credit based on ability to repay
  • Instant Approval at competitive rates
  • Low-Cost Starts at 6% APR
  • Automatic Repayment through affordable wage deductions
  • Simple Web based application for 24/7 employee access

What Makes Kashable Unique?

Partnering with employers creates many efficiencies that allow Kashable to lend at competitive rates. Unlike other lenders, Kashable underwrites employment data as well as credit score, so employees with poor credit but strong employment data are able to access fair and lower cost credit.

Disclosure:Your FOP Benefits Plan is offered free to members and at no cost to your union. The membership plan is administered by CBA, LLC, a social enterprise that receives affiliate or broker commissions from companies that provide financial wellness products and services and other benefit programs to our members. A minimum of 10% of all CBA profits are directed to youth education initiatives.

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